Becky Barksdale – Real Live


Becky Barksdale is a guitar-playing wailer from Port Arthur, Texas who blends the flavors of electric blues and rock to create an intense, brooding, powerfully sensual style.”Real Live” was recorded live at Spinout’s recording studios in Burbank, California. On stage, Becky Barksdale rocks the blues with convincing authority, combining fluid, fiery guitar licks with supple, edgy vocals.The rough textures of her voice and the raw passion of her singing have invited comparisons to Port Arthur hometown heroine Janis Joplin, a correlation both flattering and disturbing to a woman who goes her own way. While Becky finds comfort in the instant communication of a dark blues groove, she craves the adventure of experimental forms and feels compelled to go deep.”Satisfy Me,” a Barksdale original from the 1996 House of Blues Hot Biscuits Sampler, works the same thematic territory as Bessie Smith’s “Do Your Duty,” with decidedly different results.With the release of the powerful, ground-breaking “Real Live” in 1999, Becky documents the reason for all of the buzz surrounding her.Ten previously unreleased original tracks and a dramatic cover of the Willie Dixon classic “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” place her as one of blues’ most dynamic performers.



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