Donny Hathaway- In Performance


This live performance recording even outshines the superb live album “Donny Hathaway” which was Donny’s signature album. These gems further illustrate the remarkable power and the awesome musicianship of an artist who left us entirely too early. Standout cuts are “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black”, a gospel selection which is substantial indication of Mr. Hathaway’s musical foundation and a further illustration of how well he cultivated his art and the magnificent “Sack Full of Dreams”, a jazzy rendition with masterful piano work. The audience is definitely in tune with Mr. Hathaway. This is pure genius and is a showcase for his talents. For those singers today who are serious about their craft, this is an excellent refernece point. His talent as an accompanist, arranger, and vocalist, extraodinaire made him one of the most sought after session men of the day. Listening to this just reminds you of what a definite loss to the music world he was but you immediately become thankful that we have performances such as these at our disposal. A DEFINITE MUST!!!!!!!!


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