Willy Deville – Live in the Lowlands


Back at his good old Paradiso venue, he appears onstage with a limp, a cane, a mouthful of something that may have once been teeth and a nose that veers stage right. Then he opens his mouth to sing and he becomes the most beautiful man on Earth. He has reinvented himself more times than Madonna, yet with a soul that lacks any and all narcissism. He is the original “Slave to Love”. His blues roots go so damn deep. He’s the real deal with his Delta Daddy growl on “Muddy Waters Rose From the Mississippi Mud”. He surrounds himself with flawless musicians (say hullo to Hook Herrera, ladies!) who still keep their eye on him because they are never sure what he’s gonna do in the middle of a song…pretty delightful and fresh after all these years. Sadly, the camera work is cheesy and amateurish with the best shots of him quiet and still or from behind a mic or in between drums.
Highlights were a breathtaking version of “Let it Be Me” which
left me sobbing uncontrollably, doing that hiccup thing and the interviews at the end were wonderful and full of endearing characters. There’s been some hard living and good stories shared here…(Plus, who can resist the segment of him in bed with the green caftan and his sweet, pale chest!?) Willy DeVille endures as an elegant and noble ruin.


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