The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival


Walter Trout, Omar Dykes, Popa Chubby and Michael Lee Firkins are heard here about 70 minutes, with interpretations of known compositions and/or Hits of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Firkins, the matter of instrumental (‘Little Wing’), Popa Chubby rocks & swing songs (‘Foxy Lady’, ‘Up From The Skies’…), Omar Dykes is limited to ‘Hey Joe’, and Walter Trout demonstrates once more, that he simply can: With a furious intro he skidded into ‘Voodoo Chile’, he cries out the song literally, then at ‘Red House’ he preaches the Blues and then jamming with colleagues to end the evening – no, rocking, because there is again shaken the ‘Money Maker’. The accompanying Dutch combo does its job properly, Hammond sounds fit to these songs. Conclusion: Nice, effortless Hendrix tribute with rough live sound.


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