Roy Buchanan – Malaguena


This wonderful release contains live and alternate takes ranging from his early/mid sixties period through to the late ’80s. To me, the most interesting stuff is the earlier material when Roy was a wild young guitar slinger with chops by the armfull raging full throttle each night at your local roadhouse. Of interest to Buchanan fans is the live showstopper Malaguena (including his take on “The Lonely Bull”, “After Hours” and a radio spot for the Crossroads Lounge with Roy wailing in the background). You can smell the hot dogs and taste the beer!! You also hear Roy playing backup on regular bar fare like “Let’s Twist Again” (a more rocking version, you will never hear. There is also the performance of a song he wrote for Judy, his future wife. Roy came of age during the heyday of the Ventures, Duane Eddy and Link Wray. None of these artists had Roy’s technical credentials or ability to assimilate the blues and country music into rock and roll. He was a giant!! This is from the period when Roy was a sideman par excellence (people would come to hear the singer AND RETURN to hear Roy). Any guitar player, fan of the guitar or someone who just likes good music needs to pick up this album. The sound quality is not the best. However, you WILL forget that minor fault when you hear this genius rage on his tele. Prime Roy material which should form part of a foundation for any guitarist’s CD collection.



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