Funk Sessions


UK compilation featuring over two hours of the tuffest funk from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Includes many funky grooves & breaks that have been sampled & imitated in many hip-hop & R&B tracks. 30 tracks, including Funkadelic ‘One Nation Under A Groove’, The Isley Brothers ‘It’s Your Thing’, Roy Ayers ‘Everybody’, Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers ‘Right On’ & Jimmy McGriff ‘The Bird’. 2001. A compilation that covers something as diverse and hard-to-dig-up as funk music is a tough one to put together; there were a ton of artists doing the form 25-30 years ago, and many of them have gone unsung in later years, so theeir stuff is hard to find. Because of this we’re typically subjected to collections that are inundated with the same stuff over and over again, material that could be had legally with ease from the compiling label


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