Clarence Spady – Nature of the Beast


Nature of the Beast” shows Spady’s potential. This is more of an R&B album, more than it is a blues album, as seen with tunes like “Baby Baby Baby”, “A Good Fool is Hard to Find”, and “Bad Axe”. Spady takes some good solos in this album, but his rhythms really make the album, along with some great help from the band. Unlike many other blues musicians, Clarence uses many influences in his playing. He has bits of every type of good black music in his playing, from traditional blues, to jazz, to funk, to gospel, to R&B. Clarence is so good that he never gives it 100% when he’s being recorded because he doesn’t want anyone copying his licks. One must take that into consideration when listening to this album.                                                             All in all, this is a wonderful album and is enough to give me my Spady fix while I’m away from home. If you’re in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of PA, be sure to see if he’s playing. A live experience will send you to heaven, and you’ll leave knowing exactly what I mean when I say that his album really is nothing compared to him live. Even in light of the fact that he gigs as a three-piece now, with Bob O’Connel on keys and Sharon Smith on drums, he always pulls it off better than the album, no easy task. And lets’s hold on to some hope that maybe, just maybe he’ll change his way of living and record another album and follow up on it this time. There’s no doubt in my mind that if he wanted it, Clarence would be the next big thing, the next SRV, the next Robben Ford, the next guitar hero.


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