Curtis Mayfield – Live In Europe


Although Curtis Mayfield’s album sales had decreased significantly by the late ’70s, the smooth Chicago soul veteran remained a popular live attraction well into the ’80s. Audiences still longed to hear both gems from his years with the influential Impressions and his early solo hits, and he gives them exactly what they want on this album (released as both a single CD and a two-CD set). Mayfield reminds us just how great the Impressions were on heartfelt versions of such ’60s classics as “Gypsy Woman” (which greatly influenced the Isley Brothers), “It’s Alright” and the inspirational “People Get Ready,” and is equally captivating on incisive, early-’70s sociopolitical hits like “Pusherman,” “Freddie’s Dead,” and “If There’s a Hell Below.” Live in Europe’s main flaw isn’t Mayfield’s performances, but a band that, although decent, just doesn’t go that extra mile or do this superb material justice. Horns, a main ingredient of many of his hits, are sorely missed — especially on “Move on Up” — and Buzz Amato’s keyboards simply can’t take their place.


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