Amund Maarud – Ripped Striped And Southern Fried


When Amund Maarud got his first guitar at the age of six, he knew he was going to be a musician. Along with younger brother Henrik on drums – age four at the time, they started their own band. After 10 years of practicing and playing gigs all over eastern Norway, the brothers were signed to Tylden Records and released ”First Blues” in 1998 – only 14 and 16 years old!
With ”First Blues” came more gigs at both clubs and festivals as the brothers started making waves on the Norwegian blues scene. When the Maarud brothers moved to Norway`s capitol, Oslo in 2001, they started playing at the well known ”Muddy Waters” blues club in Oslo with New York bass player Bill Troiani, and became a regular feature there as the club`s house band. They played gigs as Amund Maarud Band, and played backup for national and international artists such as Brian Setzer, Tom Russel, Larry Burton, Bill Sims, and Mark Hummel.
Amund`s second album ”Ripped, Stripped and Southern Fried”, released on Blue Mood/BMG, was a big success both artistically and commercially by Norwegian standards with around 7500 units sold and nominated for the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy Award) in the country/blues category in 2003. The following tour consisted of over a 100 shows in Norway, the U.S and Russia.


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