Osaka Monaurail – Rumble & Struggle


One of the funkiest groups of the past decade — and a hell of a great little album, right down to the JBs-styled cover art! Osaka Monaurail have it going on all fronts — tight drums, economical bass, riffing guitars, and the kind of horn work that we haven’t heard since Fred Wesley stopped working with James Brown — always perfect, never hokey, and handled with a sense of space and soul that’s extremely rare for a group of younger musicians! The production is wonderful too — at a level that rivals our favorite from the 70s, and which shows that it isn’t just the Daptone and Soul Fire sound of New York that can get the feel of a “classic” funk record right. It’s hard to sum up the strength of this set in a few short sentences — but take our word for it when we tell you that this smoking little record can easily go head to head with some of the best of the People Records generation! Titles include “The Chase”, “Jam 1976”, “Changes I Wanna Make”, “Strange Buddha (Karate)”, and “Rumble N Struggle”


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