Harvey Mandel – Righteous Games Guitars Play


Digitally remastered edition of 2 original albums on a single CD of these late 60’s albums from American rock/blues guitarist Harvey Mandel. He produced a series of fine solo albums before joining Canned Heat. He was also at one time tipped to join the Rolling Stones as replacement for Mick Taylor, but joined John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers instead.How can you play the guitar solo on a Rolling Stones’ song, (“Hot Stuff”, which was actually somewhat of a hit), and still draw a blank expression when your name is mentioned in the typical conversation on favorite guitarists?… Mandel has had both the advantages and and the disadvantages of persisting with his unique point of view on guitar: His output is mainly instrumental, and,(although bluesy),somewhat sophisticated, which has drawn a core of lifetime fans and imitators, but doesn’t contain enough rock cliches to capture the masses. So which are you? This contains two of the original recordings by rock’s least known great modernist, who predates Beck and Clapton, not in release dates of commercial recordings, but in truly finding that magic tone we now expect from our guitar heroes. Find out what the Stones, Canned Heat, John Mayall, The Ventures, Charlie Musselwhite, and many others already know.


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