Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Grateful Heart


This album represents a wonderful blending of blues and jazz, with superb musicianship and a great production. Mellow, moody, and moving, Earl is the star but he allows plenty of space for sax and keyboards to take center stage in turn. This is an album of instrumentals, and as the title suggests, it has a relaxed atmosphere that demands deep engagement with the listener. When I play this cd I just get drawn in and find myself grooving silently with it. I play guitar so I really love listening to Earl’s delicate touch, but this is not an album for muso’s where competence replaces emotion. In fact it is the exact opposite – being soulful and engaging. I find that everyone I play this album to has the same reaction — ‘what is that? – it’s beautiful’ -especially people who think they do not like jazz. As an earlier reviewer said, I also give this a gift to people – as Earl seems to have given us this music as a reminder of how special life can be, and it seems appropriate to pass this on. Earl has been though some tough times with addiction and this album represents a cleansing and a new found appreciation for life. If ever music could communicate such feelings, I think this album does. Treat yourself to a reminder of what music can do for us – this is special.