Roy Buchanan – Before And After

Roy Buchanan - Before And After - Front.jpg

NO electric guitar player, not even Hendrix, played with more power than Roy Buchanan. Heart-rending, bone-crunching power. There is so much emotion in every note the music transcends categories. Labels like country, blues, soul are completely insignificant in the hands of Roy Buchanan. He used NO effects, NO pedals of any kind, just a worn Telecaster through a Fender amp — no walls of Marshalls. He said if he needed more volume in a particular room he would just mike the amp. I had the honor and privilege of seeing Roy live several times during the late 70’s and 80’s — some of the finest musical experiences of my life. I think this is his best recording — Sweet Dreams, the Messiah, and the Blues — it will make you cry. Roy could knock the bark off an oak tree at 60 yards. Albert Lee, Arlen Roth, David Grissom, Danny Gatton — all trembled at Roy’s approach.


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