Felix Cabrera – For Green


Felix Cabrera releases his 4th recording titled “For Green”; offering a mixture of Blues with R & B, Rock and Latin grooves. The CD contains nine tracks – seven original songs plus one Bob Dylan track, “Please Crawl Out Your Window”; and one Leiber/Stoller track, “I Keep Forgettin'”.Most of the many dozens of blues albums released every year aren’t worth the powder to blow them up. Blues is simple, traditional music that rewards personal expression but rarely gets any. Cuban-born harmonica ace Felix Cabrera may be under the spell of Paul Butterfield (and that’s not
all bad), but his feeling for the music is all the way there. The Cuban touches are subtle — a bass part here, a touch of clave and congas there — because Cabrera knows that a little goes a long way in the blues. With his collaborator of 30 years, guitarist Arthur Neilson, Cabrera created a modest treasure; a snappy, unpretentious blues record with a lot of grit, grace and charm.


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