Gravelroad – Psychedelta

Gravelroad - Psychedelta [2012]-front.jpg

Psychedelta, the new album by the Seattle-based trio GravelRoad, is a primal, raw, hard driving, yet accessible album that presents the blues in a new light. It is rough and tumble psychedelic rocking blues. The album pushes and pulses from one track to the other, yet it never loses a consistent rhythm that can create a trance or a boogie with the grace of a slide, the thunder of the drums, or the scream of a blistering riff. With tracks like “Devil Eyes,” Keep on Moving,” and “In the Woods,” GravelRoad offers up sounds that are familiar but unique. They reach further and break new ground on tracks like “Caves” and “Deep Blues Theme,” while using “Nobody Gets Me Down (original by T-Model Ford) and “Furry” (an ode to the late Furry Lewis) to honor those that have come before them and serve as vital influences. Psychedelta is GravelRoad’s follow up album to Shot The Devil (Uncle Larry Records, 2008). It is a natural progression and culmination of sonic dynamism for a band that has steadily labored on their own music while also partnering with notorious blues-rebel T-Model Ford for the past 3+ years. GravelRoad has performed on multiple national and international tours and at numerous renowned festivals with Mr. Ford, including All Tomorrow’s Parties (New York, 2010), The End of the Road Festival (UK, 2009), the Vancouver Folk Music Festival (Canada, 2008) and the Deep Blues Festivals (Minnesota, 2008 and 2009), to name a few. Additionally, they have assisted the nonagenarian with his last two albums, the varied and critically acclaimed efforts, The Ladies Man (Alive Records, 2010) and Taledragger (Alive Records, 2011). The band’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion are present in all of their musical and creative endeavors. With a number of exciting opportunities ahead of them, the band is looking forward to making new associations and allegiances with like-minded music professionals who appreciate their music and their drive. GravelRoad has a mission: they wish to make music that is vital and relevant in the present, while acknowledging and participating with the musical history around them, and staying ahead of the curve as they move forward. Do you hear it?


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