Benitez and Nebula – NightLife , Essence of Life


Eddie Benitez’s story is full of contrasts: a classical trained child prodigy turned Latin Rock superstar while hanging out in his teen years with the likes of Charlie Palmieri (his guardian angel, as he still names him), Louie Ramirez, Tito Puente and pretty much all the crew from the Fania All- Stars…and making a name for himself while at it. His debut album for Fania, Night Life, brought him to the spotlight in 1976, earning his band Nebula rave reviews and the props of many of his peers, including names like George Benson, Al DiMeola and Carlos Santana. He also has the distinction of being the first Latino act ever to be featured at the mythical GBGB’s. His career, not to mention his life, was screech halted twice, first with cancer and most recently this past. November when a massive heart attack almost swept him from us. But here he is back on is own, back with his band Nebula and, sooner than you expect, back with a brand new project.